Monday, October 02, 2006

Guerrilla Monsoon

So we know that one of these days, if you got the fame and money, you can become singer -- not by singing per se but by making CDs with very nice covers and put them in the store for the "best-buy" price. And this is a global phenomenon: it happens every other day in Hong Kong, and, unfortunately, it happens in N. America (or, the U.S. and UK charts) as well. Yeah you know who, it's Paris! And she can't sing for SHXT! Oh wait... she doesn't actually sing on the album. But moaning words like 'i'm so sexy' to a could-be top 40 club beats occasionally. And worst of all, I can't even hear what she speaks. Yeah the fact that it's happening really sucks. We all hate it. But have you ever thought of doing something about it, other than not buying it? Well, someone did. This artist in UK called Banksy "bombed' some of the stores by replacing Paris' album with his own homemade spoof. Check out the link here with a video documenting how he did it. This guy is guerrilla. And no wonder why they say artists keep activism alive. Props up!


Blogger samuel said...

As long as you get THE producer who gives crap about who you are. Lyrics don't have to make sense (milkshake? hollaback girl? my hump?).

That's how Mariah Carey got back up, because she swang her boobies in front of the right producer, the britney spears team.

And look at Shayne Ward, all the songs sound exactly like Blue and Westlife, that's how he topped the charts. He can sing karaoke really well however.

It's even worse in HK, Juno bought fans remember?

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo it's James aka Hakkaveli reppin the Thug Life 514 - what's goin on dogg, what's hood??

Long time no talk - listen, you still in HK?? I'm gonna be there probably in early November or so, on a stopover to the Philippines - how can I get in touch with you??

8:12 AM  
Anonymous lc514 said...

yooooo this shit is so hot! banksy is my hero.

10:13 AM  
Blogger samuel said...

think ur gonna like this

12:52 AM  

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