Wednesday, August 02, 2006


DJ Shadow is in town this friday, playing at Western Market, Hong Kong. No, ain't no joke. The legedary 7-inch wax destructor is here. When I was in Junior High this man was claimed the Best DJ on the planet. And then there was Entroduing...., an album that blew my mind. Till today. Let alone the first class price I might be paying for this show, coz money ain't a thing here. The saddest of all is....... I'M FLYING TO BEIJING THE SAME DAY. and there seems no way i could change my flight cause things are all fully booked. Is someone up there trying to play a trick on me? This is gonna be the second time I miss DJ Shadow's live. The last time, I think, happened when I left Montreal during summer. I wanna punch something now, I'm serious. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After a three weeks of not writing anything at all because I have been so preoccupied with the AMSA conference, here I'm again typing and talking to myself. What a good feeling. Doing something that I believe in. It seems like I need some time to take in what I did with the conference and all that. and that's exactly what i will do in Beijing. It's only through question that we grow.


Anonymous cs said...

Enjoy your trip to Beijing~ When are you coming back?

Now that the AMSC is over, we are back to our normal lives. I wish I had written down every single piece of emotion & feelings that I had.

Haha.. Chat more when you return.

10:20 PM  
Blogger samuel said...

f beijing, let's go beaching

1:41 PM  
Anonymous lawrence said...

hey bro. it's been a while. i just got back from japan. dj shadow has definitely been an influence on me. it's been my soundtrack when i snowboard and i even used some tracks as the audio for some architecture video projects. sorry to here that you won't make it. can't imagine the frustration. yesterday, i saw chappelle's block party. did you get a chance to check that out?

11:36 PM  
Anonymous William said...

Hi Phil,
Nice blog, but I have a feeling that blogspots have been a targeted victim of a practice called "blog marketing" -- e.g. spamers keep on posting annoying stuff and advertising their products. Probably xanga is better...haha.

It's quite a surprise to see that a muscle man like you is engaged in such intellectual, political challenging, current affairs stuffs and films. Good luck in whatever you are doing in Beijing. Maybe it's just because I don't know you too well - but I believe you don't often want people to know that side of you. Virtual means seems a better outlet for such sensitive issues. ^^


10:07 PM  
Anonymous William said...

Oh yes, I read your old article about blogging - it seems that you have thrown your backs onto it. But I must say that the pros can only come if there are many people who have the similar mentalities as you are, with the same intellectual curiosities.

Most blogs I have seen so far are all about personal stuffs, not intellectual. (Probably that's why Irene think its boring ^^) And with personal stuffs, I pull out a discourse from a friend of mine - the LCD discourse. Of course, the rules do not apply to you since your's is far from personal:

"OK I've put my finger on it now: what's wrong with xanga (this can be generalised to blogging in general). Its the lowest common denominator (LCD) factor. People only write the things they're prepared to let every person and her/his dog read. They don't - as I had mistakenly hoped - spill their guts about everything and anything. So the information you get from it is in fact only the lowest common denominator of everyone with a net connection, next to no tech savvy at all and a little too much time (which certainly describes everybody I regularly associate with). The only time you really get anything above the LCD is when: 1. the person writing it believes that the target(s) of the juicy remarks won't find or read them, or will be unable to identify the author, or 2. when they're so pissed of they don't care to follow the social rule of not being rude to people (which is clearly the foundation of the LDC). In the second case, its wasted to read it over the net anyway because what you're really after is to actually see and hear that person spill their guts publicly. In other words, the actual show is more than half the fun. Combine this with the fact that 1. provides only a very limited exception, the truth of the matter is that you really don't get much bang for your buck. Its just all hints and bloody equivocations.

Solution: if you have some serious dirt on someone that you're just dying to get out there but don't have the guts to step outside the LDC rule, email it to me and I'll publish it here for you. Although this may appear to be a sordid ploy by me to (a) get my hands on a whole lot of gossip, and (b) dramatically increase the readership of my site through what could be nicely analogised with fraudulent share price manipulation, its really not. I have an extension about the social utility of dumping the LDC rule, but I'll save that for another day and another tirade."

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Kaiii said...


yes yes, sorry, still have Endtroducing.

you didn't tell me!! i was too busy supple-ing to check your blog!! i'dve gone for both of us. bwahahah.

beach next week. i need to sun.

9:47 PM  

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