Sunday, September 03, 2006


Trust me, this video is better than any of those clips of Bush stupid moments. This song featuring Dave Matthews Band is from Jurassic 5's new album Feedback, which didn't really impress me when I heard it at HMV, even it got Mos Def on one joint -- until I saw this video. Jurassic 5 has always been my favorite Hip Hop from the West Coast. Originally from Bay Area, they are one of the best hip hop groups out there. I remember I first heard their song in HMV Shibuya during a trip to Japan in 2000. I was shopping, and they were playing at the store songs from their first full-length album then called Quality Control, and I thought "man, this sounds like De La Soul with West Coast rhymes!". So I put my yen down on the counter without even thinking about it. (And glad I bought it, 'cause the same album was only imported in HMV Hong Kong like 6 months after I bougth it...) And come on, how cool is their name -- Jurassic 5. (apparently they were 5 people when first started and became 6 as DJ Cut Chemist joined after and remained the same name -- I think -- but Cut Chemist just left the group this year.) I think I like J5's first album so much that I haven't really liked anything else they produced after that. Their second album Power in Numbers wasn't as good as I thought it'd be (but again, cool name tho'). So far as this new one goes, I'm really thinking about it -- at least, we got it at HMV not that much later than the US release.


Anonymous yv_shi said...

that's dumb.
i had a difficult time in the lecture, stopping myself from laughing..
i am supposed to concentrate on my law of international carriage by air class which is by the way the most interesting class of all so far.
now u've got me clickin onto youtube again...
i am surprised by how well my computer is functioning today, esp with the youtube site..heez.

11:17 AM  

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