Sunday, August 13, 2006


YouTube is full of surprises. I randomly typed in the word "Sugarhill Gang" cause it came to my mind, and I got this video, which is, as said by the person who posted it, "the video that started it all". 'nuff said. This song Rapper's Delight was the first Hip Hop song that made it to the radio in 1979 and got a multi-platinum sale. Maybe something other than this song got big in Bornx back in the day as well, but this song made Hip Hop known to the world. (Oh of course I wasn't born. Too bad I wasn' there.) The group made some hits after this, but none of them came close to the exposure this song claimed. Everytime I hear this song I feel like I know why people first got into Hip Hop: it was about the fun in the funk man (did you know that the word "funk" originally means the stink of sweat from the club back in 70's, when people were dancing to Funk music?). It's all about the groove, the beat, the shake. That's why I'm still diggin' old school classics time to time, from Run-DMC to Afrika Bambaata to Beasties Boys. Everything that makes me feel like breakin'. (Though I don't really do that anymore.) But it's the feeling of something moving you, that makes you realize: man, this is what Hip Hop should sound like. Yo, read the comments for this video as well. You got a 19 year-old saying how he appreciates it and a dude saying he was from back in the day when this video went down..... and everything in between.
I'm getting hooked to YouTube man.


Anonymous nicholas said...

yea youtube is DA BOMB!
i watched almost all of season 3 of chappelle show on that site..

11:31 PM  
Anonymous yv... said...

youtube is kinda addictive...
first i watched colbert report, jon stewart and gd morning america on da site....and now.....extending to stuffs that are even more lame.....u know like..chicken soup, chap show.....
ok... stuffs that i think it's dumb and not funny....and u should understand i hv a very very low threshold for labelling 'lameness' and dumbness'.....
don't know since when i began to watch them as well....maybe coz its some sort of ur bad influence. hope it's not...and
maybe it's jus the summer...
oh..btw, my all-time favorite is always those japanese clips that teach u how-to sweeten sour coffee, how to put ur bandage ur finger properly, how to fold ur sleeves without letting them fall......yadda yadda yadda..
it's kinda 'see lai', but it's handy.
Common stuffs that aren't common sense to most.

11:57 PM  

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